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icing and cake

To All Residents of Fernando La Casa (and anyone who breaks in or is otherwise invited):
There are the following foods that were made:
1) Vegetarian Chili. Please don't eat too much of it because it needs to be meals for me...
2) Cinnamon-Raisin Bread. This is now the property of Wildeap so take up theft with him.
3) Peanutbutter chocolate cake. Eat this and die the painful death of one beaten by 5 women rugby players who were denied cake. It won't be pretty.
4) peanutbutter-chocolate cream cheese icing leftover from the aforementioned cake. It's in the fridge in an ikea container. Feel free to eat it. It's tasty and I'm sure it would go well with cookies, cinnamon raisin bread, graham crackers, etc.
That's all.
Happy Thursday!
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