eap (wildeap) wrote in fernando_lacasa,

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The Orb.

One might ask, what does a The Orb mean when it glows green?
Why, that it is time to take out the bottles.

But what wisdom is can be gleaned from a red Orb?
The trash needs to go out!

What about the two days a month when the paper goes out?
Well, in that case, The Orb will glow yellow, but don't forget the trash.

But The Orb is blue! What do I do?
Blue is the color of a happy Orb.


  • The Baltimore trash colors will start roughly at noon the day before, and stop at noon the day of trash pickup.
  • The Orb's pulsating will increase throughout the day... but stop at around midnight.
  • Colors are subject to change. There are 36 to choose from...
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